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Makarov Dark Web HuntingThe Makarov Dark Web Hunting service is searching the surface, deep, and dark web constantly to identify and detect iniquitous activity potentially targeting your organisation.  Our Dark Web Hunting service can transmute these adverse threat patterns and activities into data which is focused and bespoke to your business priorities.  Makarov hunters can identify state and non-state sponsored cyber threats,  threats from inside your organisation, as well as carrying out intelligence gathering of information with regard to espionage that spans industries, ecosystems, and global landscapes. 


Preventing cyberattacks is an ongoing challenge for organisations, which requires detection and identification of threats.  The detection of the latest threats and identifying the risk factors most relevant to your business has become a full-time job.  Having visibility over your potential attack surfaces, and having the capability to gather reliable intelligence about threats is a vital step for any organisation trying to close down the risk of a data breach. Valuable threat intelligence that’s not well understood, can come from the dark web.


What is the Dark Web?


The deep web merely refers to websites that aren’t indexed by search engines, the dark web is in general made up of sites that require anonymising software like Tor to access. It is used by people suffering under repressive regimes, but it also hosts sites dedicated to illegal activities, such as the sale of stolen data, drugs, or weapons. You can also find tools and tutorials on how to exploit specific vulnerabilities to steal sensitive data.


If a cybercriminal hacks into your organisation and exfiltrates some customer records, or a disgruntled insider decides to try and sell some stolen intellectual property, there’s a good chance they’ll turn to the dark web to do it. It stands to reason, therefore, that monitoring the dark web can help you to boost your security and identify breaches and vulnerabilities.


What is Dark Web Hunting?


Makarov Dark Web Hunting  is a web monitoring service providing proactive, actionable, investigative intelligence research, analysis, and alerts that will help and enhance your organisations’ awareness of cyber threats and actors.  The service works at its most capable extent as an integrated part of your cybersecurity operational posture, Dark Web Hunting will provide you with a view into iniquitous activities directed against your organisation. This view may then allow problem-solving time to avoid, prevent or stop cyber threats.


Dark Web Hunting


How does Dark Web Hunting work?


Dark web hunters search for threat actor jabber in social media, surface, and deep and dark web forums. The hunters proactively scan for, investigate, and analyse terrorist, hacktivist, and criminal activity conducted against you or your industry from outside your network. The hunters alerts will help mitigate your risk before, during, and after attacks. 


Investment into dark web hunting will enable your organisations’ executives to make better decisions, while evaluating and proactively addressing cyber threats, having at hand the real-time support capability giving information about discovered threats.   Resource allocation is thus improved as an early warning of planned attacks is provided, identification of imminent attacks, and detection of previously unknown attacks. 


There’s a great deal of secrecy on the dark web, and many forums are difficult to access without the right knowledge. It is also difficult and time-consuming to separate the actionable intelligence from the noise.  The Makarov dark web hunting service can provide you with the required intelligence reports.  Or, you may have the resources to hire in expertise and do your own dark web hunting, but expertise is in short supply. Whichever route you choose, dark web hunting is a smart move that can help you gather tangible threat intelligence and bolster your cybersecurity defences.


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