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Makarov Take Cyber-Immunity To The Next Level


More and more cyberthreats are appearing every day, they can take many different guises and through many different attack paths or means by which an attacker can gain unauthorised access to a computer or network to deliver a payload or malicious outcome.


There exists no single solution that offers comprehensive protection, but knowing where to look for danger is a large part of being able to combat cyber threats.  A business manager today must protect the organisation against threats, and anticipate the dangers that lie ahead.   This need demands a level of strategic security intelligence that very few companies have the resources to develop in-house.  We believe Makarov Intelligence to be a valuable business partner, who will always always be available to share its up-to-the-minute intelligence with your team.


It’s becoming increasingly difficult to prevent information security incidents, and it may not always be possible to halt an attack before it penetrates your security. But, it’s possible to limit the damage and to prevent the attack from spreading.  To this end Makarov Threat Response offers: Incident Response; Digital Forensics; and Malware Analysis Services.


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